City Smoke Electronic Cigarette: Say Bye To Toxins

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City Smoke Electronic CigaretteCity Smoke Electronic Cigarette :- City Smoke Electronic Cigarette is an electronic cigarette brand that has been getting quite famous online but does it pack anything better than other E-Cigarettes? Find out if you should switch to these instead of the traditional tobacco ones here.

What is City Smoke Electronic Cigarette?

City Smoke Electronic Cigarette is an electronic cigarette that contains numerous flavored cartimizors and runs on battery. The name is self explanatory that the cigarette is electronic but it can also be used as an alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarette as it keeps the body free of toxic inhalation.

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Every kit contains a Rechargeable battery that you can easily recharge as per your smoking needs and 5 premium cartimizors that you can use as per the frequency of smoking. Normally, smoking a whole cartimizor is like smoking 8 packs of cigarettes so it should last you quite long but depending on how frequently you smoke, the quantity may go down. There are also 2 disposable premium e-cigs with an Havana de Cuba disposable e-cigar which is flavored. Furthermore, there are 4 silicon tips  and a USB charger. The whole kit is available online for which only online orders are accepted by the official website.

Benefits: Switching from Tobacco Smoking to Electronic Smoking

Electronic Smoking is a better alternative from Tobacco smoking because:

  • Tobacco Smoking is stated as a primary or secondary cause of over 4000 harmful substances, chemicals such as tar, carbon monoxide, etc. All of these toxins harm the body and end up ruining the health even in short term. On the other hand, City Smoke Electronic Cigarette is a non-carcinogenic product that gives smokers the perfect alternative to switch from tobacco smoking without worrying too much about health.
  • A City Smoke cartimizor has enough quantity that is equivalent to the user smoking around 8 cigarette packs. The trial package comes with 5 cartimizor which means almost 40 packets of the cigarette!
  • There is no smoke, ash or tar produced when smoking an e-cigarette like City Smoke Electronic Cigarette so you just vapor the cigarette with no damage of tobacco smoking.

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Moreover, switching to electronic smoking will help you get better fingernails and fingers since smokers often have yellow and dark fingers and the nails. When smoking this vapor cigarette, you will not have any smoke in your clothes either. Normally, when people smoke tobacco cigarettes, they end up smelling like the cigarette. Because it produces zero ash or flame, it is also least irritating if you have company. It is also environment friendly since no toxic gases or residue is being emitted out. Moreover, it ends up saving the smoker a lot of money due to the rechargeable battery and cartridges that last pretty long.

The biggest benefit is that you can easily smoke it anywhere without worrying about it being legal or not. Since it doesn’t harm the environment and produces no smoke at all, it works pretty great when you need to smoke outside. So, no need to find that reserved spot and just take out the cigarette and smoke it.

How does it work?

It works on a battery that you can easily recharge whenever you need to. Since it is a rechargeable battery, it lasts fairly long and the cartridges can also be refilled as per the flavor you prefer. City Smoke Electronic Cigarette has a whole kit of the cigarette parts with the manual and information. You will also get a case that you can use to put the parts in as it makes it mobile for those who travel a lot. All you have to do is put the parts together and then turn the cigarette on and then smoke it as you would smoke a normal, tobacco cigarette. Remember to exhale the vapor.

Will these help in quitting smoking?

City Smoke Electronic Cigarette were not developed to assist a smoking addict in countering the addiction. However, it is a fairly great alternative of switching from the tobacco cigarettes to the healthier option. Research on how the electronic cigarettes are better is still going on and those under the age of 18 should never use these but those above the age of 18 should definitely consider switching to these.

If you are planning to quit tobacco smoking then using these would surely be better because they give the same sensation as smoking a tobacco cigarette so you will still get the experience of smoking a tobacco cigarette without even smoking one. This will not only help you curb the craving but also put a block on the negative impact of the cigarettes.

Are these illegal? Are these safe?

Absolutely! City Smoke Electronic Cigarette have only such a solution that contains glycol and water. When the solution is smoked, it turns into water vapor so there is no need of worrying about the possible outcome since the solution  doesn’t result in any emitting or inhalation of toxic gases.

Yes, the cigarettes are perfectly legal however, some areas may have restrictions regarding whether or not you can smoke those there or not. But as far as smoking electronic cigarettes in public places is concerned, most countries don’t have any laws regarding it so it is okay to smoke these in public places. However, anybody under the age of 18 shouldn’t use these.

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What are users saying about City Smoke Electronic Cigarette?

We spoke to many men and women who switched to smoking City Smoke Electronic Cigarette and all of them said that their trial was so good that they kept on using it as they just loved the results. All of the users of the cigarettes recommended these.

How much does it cost?

There is an auto shipping program through which you will be provided the City Smoke E-Cigarette. This means that every 30 days, you will get a brand new package of 12 Refill Cartimizors, 2 E-Cigarettes with a 1 E-Cigar and a 1 Car charger with the 6 silicone tips. The cost is $97.95 and shipping cost would be $9.95.

Do we recommend it?

Without a doubt, yes. We believe that City Smoke Electronic Cigarette is among the best electronic cigarettes available based on user testimonials and the available kit quality thus we recommend these budget friendly non-tobacco cigarettes.

City Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review

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