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Capsules to get you active in bed? Sounds traditional but Herbal Virility promises to be better than the conventional solutions: It claims to boost your erection from inside by enhancing blood flow and overall testosterone. Find out how it is helpful:

Herbal VirilityWhat is Herbal Virility?

Made with plenty of natural nitric oxide boosters, testosterone developing ingredients and aphrodisiacs, Herbal Virility is among the top recommended male virility supplement online. Exclusively sold through its official website online, it is among the best supplements that help in developing overall men’s sexual  health and also trigger enhanced stamina for lasting orgasms.

Users are suggested to take 2 capsules everyday to see best sexual stamina, hardened erection and other enhanced sexual health results. It may take a week or sometimes longer than a month to see results depending on the extent of lowered testosterone and lack of stamina and dietary nutrition among users.

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Ingredients of Herbal Virility

Made with around 25 major healthy and natural ingredients that advance the natural male sexual health, herbal virility is among the most feasible products. Here are the ingredients:

  • L-arginine triggers healthy nitric oxide within body and enables better vasodilatation for further widened and longer erections. It also helps in recover to boost longer sexual satisfaction and activity.
  • Tribulus also initiates higher flow of blood within the penis to improve the erection hardness and duration.
  • Yohimbe also triggers better blood flow to penis and aids in countering fatigue and helps by enhancing the overall sexual function of the penis.
  • Niacin prevents cholesterol levels and aids arginine in developing higher blood flow within body while zinc develops sperm production and trigger a healthier libido.
  • Catuaba also advances overall sexual function along with libido and Muira Pauma helps in developing better blood flow to the penis and overall sexual are of the male body
  • Maca root is develops testosterone within body and aids in boosting natural sperm count thus enhancing overall virility.
  • Kola nut supplies energy while oat straw keeps central nervous system healthy and user calm for better mood
  • Boron citrate regular certain hormones that may hinder testosterone and sexual function
  • Nettles aid to control poor circulation while pumpkin seed assists in prevention from prostate enlargement
  • American ginseng counters stress and Siberian ginseng enhances immune system while Korean ginseng results in stimulation of body for prevention against stress, anxiety, etc
  • Cayenne improves circulatory healthy by boosting arteries, veins’ flexibility while ginger develops better circulation
  • Sarsaparilla limits testosterone along with progesterone and
    orchic substance that enables better production of testosterone, sperm cells

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Side effects

All of the ingredients are natural and 100% pure and free of any added elements. They can be used in the long term with no side effects and you can also use the product without any prescription.

However, if you have any reproductive health issues, we recommend that you visit your doctor first for any consultation. Furthermore, users stated zero complaints with their use of Herbal Virility but the results may be different for you so consultation is recommended if you are taking other supplements or medicines to avoid a medicinal interaction.

How to improve results?

If you want to develop better results, there are certain exercises that you can perform to enhance your erection ability and stamina such as core exercises. However, seeking proper training assistance and coaching is recommended if you have never done those before. Also, eating sufficient vitamins and antioxidants will keep the erection hurdles at bay. Moreover, you can include more aphrodisiacs in your food for better nutrition.

While taking Herbal Virility, you can continue a healthy and sexual health suitable dietary and exercising plan to develop better results.

Cutting down on certain foods and activities that result in downgrading of sexual health may also help you receive better results in the longer run.

How to order? What’s the cost?

Different order options are available for different cost and discount options so you can choose from these:

  • Free trial option
  • Buy 1 get 1 free offer
  • Buy 2 get 2 free
  • Buy 3 get 3 free

On choosing the free trial option (you will pay only after 15 days of trial) and the buy one and get one free order (you will pay in the beginning for one bottle and get another one free), you will be enrolled in the monthly subscription program of herbal virility. This means, you will be provided your supply for 30 days as soon as you run out of the existing one and your orders will be timed at a gap of 30 days. The trial offer will need you to pay $69.95 for one bottle on 14day of your trial and the same charges and processing of order will continue every 30 days post your first order day.

No such consequent orders will be made in the buy 2 and buy 3 bottles options and you can choose to cancel your subscription by calling on 800-434-7129. You can also email the team at [email protected] for cancellation of your subscription.

While making the order, you will be given a choice to choose from

  • Andro active, a metabolism and testosterone booster (for additional cost of $4.95)
  • Free adult DVD (xxx DVD for additional $4.95)

A money back guarantee is also available on the bottles.

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Herbal Virility Pros 

  • Easy to buy online offers
  • Simple additional offers for andro active
  • Healthy ingredients (clinically proven and sufficient for any sexual health complaint)
  • High dosage (concentrated with no harmful ingredients)
  • Easy to use capsules
  • No prescription necessary
  • Discreet packaging and supply
  • Easy to cancel auto-subscription method
  • Reasonable cost
  • No side effects


  • Only online orders are accepted
  • No single bottle available for one time purchase

Is it recommended?

Yes, Herbal Virility is recommended as there are no side effects or hidden costs and the product has been positively recommended by numerous men who have used it.

Customer testimonials have been widely positive and many men have even shared their stories regarding the product and have stated that they will begin using it in the long term to get rid of their erection issues.

Herbal Virility where to buy

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