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Keratin EarthKeratin Earth :- All women dream of beautiful, smooth and flowing hair but often climate and hair quality and texture and the damage of aging or lack of healthy skin care routines puts an end to these dreams. But Keratin Earth claims that you can realize your dreams of shiny, silky, healthy and straight hair with its simple 30 day therapy. Find out what are the possible risks in this natural therapy system and whether it will aid the hair quality or will only give you one time results.

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What is Keratin Earth?

Keratin Earth is actually a therapy based Straightening system that companies numerous products that users are required to use as per the recommended instructions to get the optimal results for straightened and healthy hair.

Most suitable for women with curly and unruly tresses, this system promises long lasting and damage free straightened hair that you can flaunt anywhere and not be worried of losing the straight hair to humidity.

Made with the patented and proprietary Versaplex™ technology, Keratin Earth claims to be among the top hair straightening solutions available.

The most basic and necessary benefit of this system is that you can use it get manageable hair that won’t be unruly when you are walking out in the sun or simply getting ready for a party. It gives you full control on your hair without damaging the roots or the texture of the hair.

The product manufacturers claim that applying it only once every 30 days will help in developing results that will last longer than a month.

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Is Keratin Earth  a basic straightening system? Why not use a flat iron instead?

It is safe to state that Keratin Earth is indeed a unique smoothing & straightening therapy based system for the hair but it is far better and more effective and also durable than any simple or Advanced flat iron. The main motive of this system is to protect the hair against damage so when you are using it, you are essentially nourishing the hair and preserving the natural quality but toning down the frizz and making your hair more manageable.

Does it work for chemically treated hair?

If your hair is colored or dyed then no need to be worried because Keratin Earth will only make the color last longer. Also, it will work just find on chemically treated or permed hair and because it is not harsh like its market counterparts so you can be relaxed about the side effects because there won’t be any.

How does Keratin Earth work?

The kit comprises

Step 1: Apply the Deep cleansing shampoo  (contains Versaplex and keratin for replenishment of the hair)

Step 2:  Apply the straightening therapy (can be used along in between treatments or also as part of the recommended process)

Step 3: Apply the nourishing masque (usually recommended as part of the therapy but you can also apply it as a leave in conditioner)

Step 4: Apply the protein conditioner for regular development of your locks and maintenance of the therapy (use it regularly or whenever you wash your hair)

Above listed four steps are the necessary four steps of the process but if you want then you can also try other products from the same range to enable higher and longer results such as

  • Versaplex Infusion (A solution whose few drops can be added to any shampoo that you are using to enrich the latter with healthy keratin and the range’s proprietary formula and its nourishment)
  • The flat iron sold by this range is highly ergonomic and much less damaging than other flat irons and far more easier to use.

Is it important to flat iron the hair? Can you just use the four step therapy and leave your hair like that?

If you don’t want to use the flat iron or any other heating products that you can just use the four step therapy and if you have very curly hair then you can wear your hair in nice rolls and waves. If you have frizzy hair, depending on the density and volume of the frizz and the climate, you will see the change but your hair will sure be much more manageable and easy to style.

Whatever hairstyle you choose to make after using Keratin Earth system, it will be durable and last longer and doesn’t necessarily need the requirement of heating products.

If you don’t want use a flat iron, you can use a blow dryer instead but using a flat iron will surely have better results if you are aiming or pin straight hair.

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How long do the results last?

The 6 oz Keratin Earth bottles of the kit last anywhere from a month to three. Normally, a kit with 2oz tubes will be sufficient for one time application so based on that a 6oz tube-kit of Keratin Earth can only be used thrice. Also, because users are recommended to not use it frequently and only use it once a month, stating that it will last 3 months is safe.

Risk, costs

We found authentic and confirmed buyers who spoke with our team about their results as positive. They stated that the Brazilian treatments had hurt the quality of their hair and they are loving the results with Keratin Earth because it is simple, easy and not harsh at all.

The 2oz kit of Keratin Earth costs $19.95 with $4.95 and will last for one application but you can buy high quantities of 6oz tubes of the four step therapy system for $120.

Is it recommend?

Keratin Earth is among the most easy to use and simple formulas available for straighten hair without any side effects. Yes, it is recommended by our experts and also by users who have used it before.

There are no side effects and it is pretty cost effective because you only need to use it once a month which also saves the salon visits and intense straightening efforts. Moreover, you can enjoy the result for about two weeks and then use a touch up to keep the hair straight for longer.

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