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PHGH Natural Male EnhancementWhat is PHGH Natural Male Enhancement?

PHGH Natural Male Enhancement :- PHGH Natural Male Enhancement  is claimed to be one of the most effective supplements for male enhancement. The official manufacturer states that it has been made using 5 distinct types of herbal extracts that are organically and naturally processed to develop a potent male enhancement formula. The formula claims to help restore sexual function and offer the body advanced levels of natural stamina boost so the body can enjoy sexual activity for longer.

Who makes PHGH Natural Male Enhancement?

Lawrence Supplements ( Est. 2011)  was setup by John Lawrence who made sure that eh formula his company sells contains well researched and healthy products makes PHGH. The company offers a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee on the supplement and has a positive and high reputation with customers.

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How to use?

Users are needed to take 2 capsules of PHGH Natural Male Enhancement a day. Both capsules should be taken separately with a glass of water.

Ingredients  of PHGH Natural Male Enhancement and how does the formula work?

The official website lists a label stating these as the ingredients:

  • 250mg of Arginine
  • 100mg of Tribulus Terrestris
  • 25mg of DHEA
  • 50mg of Tongkat Ali
  • 25mg of L-Carnitine
  • 10mg of Muira Puama
  • 10mg of Epimedium
  • 10mg of Gingko Biloba
  • 10mg of Catuaba Bark
  • 10mg of Maca
  • 10mg of Bioperine

PHGH Natural Male Enhancement  works through its main ingredients that develop natural blood flow and testosterone levels in the body. Tribulus Terrestris enhances the secretion of testosterone in the body and aids in boosting the performance while Arginine keeps the levels of nitric oxide in the blood up enabling that the body gets higher blood flow for the erection.  Tongkat Ali is an herb famous for libido enhancement as it works like an aphrodisiac and Horny Goat Weed develops libido within the body and keeps the blood vessels open, boosting erection quality and harness through better blood flow. Maca is a semen volume as well as sperm count boosting ingredients that has long been used in traditional medicine for developing virility.

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Is it safe?

PHGH Natural Male Enhancement is free of fillers, binders and has only tested ingredients that are all natural. It has zero side effects and counters the damage of low libido by boosting natural testosterone. The manufacturer follows a 3-part testing process at their FDA-approved lab where stringent guidelines for quality and safe production of supplements are followed.

Also, we spoke with several users and they stated that they liked the results and will recommend using it. Also, you can take with no prescription which is the benefit of using any supplement. However, if you are taking a medication or are recovering from any sort of medical issue then it is recommended that you confirm with your physician regarding dosage of PHGH Natural Male Enhancement .

How frequently do you need to take it?

PHGH Natural Male Enhancement  is a daily use supplement that should be taken on a routinely basis if you want to see durable and healthy result. You won’t need to make much difference in your lifestyle but if you are indulging in habits or activities that may be hurting your sexual stamina then it is recommended to alter those habits.

Also, you need to take it regularly to see the results but if you skip the dose once or twice, continue with the usual recommended dose and don’t take more than necessary.  If you want to quit using it then you can do so by gradually declining your dosage.

Does it have drugs?

PHGH Natural Male Enhancement  is herbal and 100% natural and will not show up on any drug test because it is free of any such ingredients.

How long do you need to use it?

Some men stated that they felt the difference from first week while some say that they had to take it regularly for 21-45 days to get the results. But the results really depend user to user however we recommend that you continue taking PHGH Natural Male Enhancement  for at least a month before reaching any conclusion.

What are other users saying about PHGH Natural Male Enhancement?

We spoke to many users and none of them had anything negative to say about the supplement and the return rate is only 2%.

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Will it improve your size?

Many men end up getting duped by fake supplements that claim to enhance the size but this is not how the male enhancement formula works. It is well known and scientifically proven that the flaccid penis can’t be increased in size unless you seek surgery in which case you will only be able to see a feeble improvement of less than 1 or 2 inches.

PHGH Natural Male Enhancement focuses at enabling the user reach his full capacity in bed by boosting virility and erection hardness. The erected penis will appear bigger in size with regular dosage as the penis will increase due to healthier blood flow. Users will also feel more turned on with higher amount of testosterone flowing through their body. In simpler words, you won’t see any physical changes in your penis you will know the difference in your performance but your erected penis will sure look stronger, harder and you will enjoy longer orgasm and erections.

How much does it cost?

One bottle of PHGH Natural Male Enhancement is available for $39.95. Promotional offers are also available so if you want to get a discount, then you can choose from the multiple order package options.

Do we recommend it?

We found numerous users who had only positive things to say about PHGH Natural Male Enhancement. The supplement enjoys quite some reputation among men and the best advantage is that it can be used by a vareity of men from different age groups and it has zero side effects or drugs. Yes, we absolutely recommend using this male enhancement supplement as it is one of the most feasible options.

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