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Pure Muscle Gain : Get Unbelievable Muscles And Stamina Now!

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Pure Muscle GainPure Muscle Gain :- Pure Muscle Gain claims to be a substantial Nitric oxide solution, but is it really worth your money? Read on, as our team takes a look at this touted groundbreaking muscular solution for men.

What is Pure Muscle Gain? What does it claim?

Pure Muscle Gain is a supplement for men who have been working out for long but haven’t yet had results, or are unhappy with their results. It works primarily to boost the enhancement of the muscles in the body by developing the endurance, and keeping unhealthy fatigue at bay. High protein within the body has always been linked with reduced body fat. With improved protein levels, the body gets toned and gains a higher muscle definition with leaner body and reduced fatigue.

This supplement claims to help one develop a healthier body that is muscular, as well as, strong. This formula claims that it utilizes the protein within the body, which usually gets eliminated from body. This supplement also works to strengthen the lean mass, while the user follows a proper diet for improved nutritional intake.

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Ingredients of Pure Muscle Gain

  • Beetroot
  • Citrulline malate
  • Agmatine sulfate
  • Dextrose
  • Caffeine

How does it work: the no equation and ingredients

Pure Muscle Gain follows the quintessential approach of boosting the energy and recovery with NO boost. Enhanced Nitric Oxide levels within the body are well known for the cardiovascular benefits that they provide. An enhanced NO is also great for recovery since it helps the muscles develop and recover faster after an intense workout through its vasodilatation.

In the process of vasodilatation, the blood vessels get enlarged due to nitric oxide which is absorbed by the bloodstream. With widened blood vessels, more blood reaches the muscle cells, allowing the body to recover faster. This process includes higher delivery of oxygen to the muscles with which the cells recover.

During a workout, the muscle cells end up creating the waste products that gets dissolved within them, and as there is more blood flow, muscle cells end up getting more water into the waste products, creating higher muscle pump.

Also, certain waste products curb the ability to workout longer, so, boosting the recovery of the muscle cells also helps in drawing those waste products out, which enables one to have a better workout.

Pure Muscle Gain ingredients

  • Beetroot

A rich source of nitrates, beetroot is one of the most important part of the diet for many muscle builders. It can be taken orally and directly in its raw form, or as part of a supplement for its huge benefits on muscle development. The nitrates contained in it get transformed into nitrite due to the action of the bacteria that exists in the mouth, that removes one of its oxygen molecules. Then, this newly formed nitrite gets mixed with the bloodstream, and turns into NO.

The benefits of Beetroot intake for NO include higher strength, increased endurance and energy, and muscular growth. A basic 500 mg of beet extract is more than suitable to get the body required results.

  • Dextrose

Dextrose, also called glucose, is actually a high GI (Glycemic Index) type of simple carbs that has the ability to absorb fast. It develops an insulin spike, and helps in the replacement of glycogen that muscle cells usually lose during training.

  • Caffeine

Caffeine helps in developing metabolism and triggers lipolysis to allow the healthy breaking down of fat within body. It also enhances overall energy levels, thus enabling the body to gain a healthy boost for endurance, and the ability to work out for longer durations. A 100-200mg of caffeine are normal for everyday dosage and can be taken with zero risk of side effects.

  • Agmatine sulfate

Perfect for bodybuilders, Agmatine Sulfate has been shown to be better at making the workout longer and better than arginine. It also follows the same mechanisms as NO and helps in naturally boosting the body’s endurance levels.

Pure Muscle Gain Pros

  • 100% natural
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Made in USA
  • Healthy and side effect free
  • Zero negative effects
  • Works for long term dosage with healthy dieting and routine for exercising
  • Great for men with endurance issues
  • Also develops muscle pumps for longer periods of time
  • Helps men find better stamina for working out
  • Enables improved ability to get started with a routine for working out that would otherwise exhaust the body


The cost is very high, but most Nitric Oxide products are available in the same range.

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What are the users saying about this formula? Are there any side effects?

No, none of the users have spoken anything about the side effects. Most users have recommended using the product and have said that they would consider using Pure Muscle Gain further for long term routines.

A user from California stated that he often had issues with his, stamina since he’d find the routine easy for a couple of weeks, and then he’d just give up, because his muscles would ache so much. In fact, a lot of men complain of similar issues, because, their initial excitement allows them to workout with unparalleled enthusiasm, but, when there is a such a huge change in the routine, the body finds it hard to cope with it physically, and hence the muscles get stiff. But, this issue can be easily controlled through the healthy and natural intake of substances that influence nutrition in the body in a positive manner.

Pure Muscle Gain claims to do exactly the same and comes up to the expectations. The user from California stated that he would surely recommend using the product, and added that he had got a recommendation from his professional gym coach friend to use it, and thus, found it reliable.

Overall, our team spoke with 28 different users whose purchases and stories we could verify and substantiate, based on their experiences. It is safe to conclude that the results are fairly positive, and there is no fear of any side effects.

Is it recommended?

Yes, absolutely. For the monthly cost of around $37, Pure Muscle Gain is among the best solutions for muscle and endurance building.

Pure Muscle Gain where to buy

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