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U.S. Tax AssociatesAt a time when the taxpayer has a tax debt, the IRS makes certain strategies, if the taxpayer does not make arrangements to repay their debt. Tax debt can be destructive to a person’s finances, livelihood or well-being. As in, most of the time, taxpayers who find themselves in tax debt, often don’t know that where to start, who to turn to, and even what programs are offered. Because of this, many people apply for programs they don’t quality for, which may leave them in an even worser situation. Some tax issues can be handled easily with only a simple call to the IRS, but, if the tax debt reaches a certain amount, then taxpayers often have to face some difficulties in paying, and, even the IRS can become very aggressive with this. So, in order to recover the debt, the IRS may use enforced collection against the taxpayers, which can be destructive to a taxpayer’s finances. These collection measures include:-

  • IRS Tax liens:- The IRS can claim against a taxpayer’s property or person as a guarantee for a tax debt.

  • IRS Bank Levies:- The IRS can be seize funds from a taxpayer’s bank account.

  • IRS Wage Garnishments:- It will seize a part of a taxpayer’s wages, pay check, or salary just to satisfy a tax debt.

Above all, these collection actions may have significant disadvantages to a taxpayer’s finances and credit, which makes difficult to borrow money through loans from a bank or any other private lenders, purchase or sell a home, and even rent property, for the taxpayer. The IRS can leave them with a sufficient amount of money just to live. Therefore, to protect yourself from this situation, you can use tax program.

What Are Tax Associates?

In order to become safe from these issues, there is this IRS program that can help you with different tax debt situations. Tax associates are an agreement between the taxpayer and the IRS that allows the taxpayer to settle their tax debt for less than the amount owed. This tax program can greatly lower down a tax debt, and also make you free against aggressive collection action. It is highly recommendable for the taxpayers to pay off their tax debt. Therefore, it is the best way to free yourself with added interest or penalties, and of course with the IRS collections actions.

Solutions Ensured By Tax Associates:-

Tax Associates provide you many solutions, including:-

  • Installment agreement

  • Penalty abatement

  • Innocent spouse relief

  • IRS Appeals

  • Compliance

  • Allows tax payers to settle their tax debt.

  • Wage garnishments

Get Tax Relief By Using 3 Steps:-

Step 1:- Fill up its on line application to see if you are qualified for tax relief or not.

Step 2:- You can get a free expert’s advice from our tax consultants and then you can make your valuable decision.

Step 3:- Find out the best method to overcome your tax burden.

Customer Testimonials:-

  • Nicole Sneed says:- Thank you so much for representing me in this tax debt situation. I’m really glad that the IRS accepted the offer and helped us to be free from wage garnishments. All credit goes to you.

  • Justin Marsh says:- It is all possible just because of your hard work. I owed the IRS $ 152,000! And, when IRS accepted our offer after compromising, the amount adjusted was $28,000, I was scared. I would heartily say thanks to the Tax Associates for all your supports.

  • Eric Forthsydke says:– Words are not enough to say you thanks. You have considerably reduced my tax burden of $80,000 to just & 4,500, amazingly.

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